Polyrhythms for Pianists book

"What a powerhouse! I purchased this book to help a student with Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu but it offers so much more. From the composite rhythms represented, to mnemonic phrases, to mathematical exercises, to improv prompts and full length pieces, this gem of a resource packs quite a punch. The "What to Play Next" lists were an inviting surprise to learn additional standard repertoire with each newly mastered rhythm." ~review from Caroline on PianoPronto.com

This book presents strategies for learning to play polyrhythms, from the most common ones, such as two against three, up through four against five. It contains rhythm exercises, improvisation suggestions, and thirteen pieces based on polyrhythms. Once you’ve worked with the book, you might develop intense cravings for more polyrhythms, and may even be inspired to compose polyrhythmic pieces of your own.

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Available in both digital and hardcopy formats.