About Whimsically Macabre

Whimsically Macabre's piano compositions invite you into a fantastically offbeat universe where strange dissonances and oddly familiar melodies combine. 

Stacy Fahrion, aka Whimsically Macabre, is an alt-classical composer, pianist, and teacher based in Denver. 

Stacy loves exploring polyrhythms, odd-meter grooves, and unusual scales. Her piano music is published by Piano Pronto Publishing, and includes books such as Lullabies for Arachnophobes, These Are Odd Times, and Polyrhythms for Pianists.

Please contact Stacy if you would like to commission a piece, collaborate, or hire her to perform. Stacy is especially interested in composing music for film, and in collaborating with circus artists, dancers, and poets.