About Stacy Fahrion

black and white photo of Stacy Fahrion in striped dress sitting on tree stump in front of old spinet piano in the redwoods  

Stacy Fahrion is a composer, pianist, Lumatonian, and educator based in Colorado.

Stacy's piano music is published by Piano Pronto, and includes books such as Lullabies for Arachnophobes, These Are Odd Times, and Polyrhythms for Pianists.

A lot of Stacy's music is written in a made-up genre called "whimsically macabre," although her more recent music is often more meditative, polyrhythmic and polymetric, and in just intonation. Stacy often creates her own tunings for traditional keyboard, and for the Lumatone, an isomorphic keyboard with 280 keys. A lot of Stacy's recent music is heavily influenced by her studies of Indian classical music.   

Stacy believes in making every piece sound magical and otherworldly, and in inspiring all piano students to compose and improvise their own music. When not composing, Stacy can be found hiking in the beautiful Rocky mountains, playing chess, or doing some very chaotic gardening. 

Stacy holds a Master's Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Iowa. She began composing her own music nearly a decade after earning that degree. She is grateful to her mentors on this composing journey, especially Jacob Adler and Michael Harrison. 

"Offbeat quirky seriously beautifully funny mischievously madly serious." 

-Wayne A. Gilbert, poet 

"This music is so touching that even time seems to come

to rest, reverse, and open a corridor to past centuries."


"What I love about Stacy's music is that... I feel so many

things when I listen to it. Amazement, horror,

disturbance, and wonder. It doesn't fit anywhere, 

and so it's a reflection of everything.

It is a musical koan." 

-Mark Maness

"Dear Stacy,

You are not normal. We would still love you if you were,

but don't change, please and thank you."

-The management