Links to Works

        Piano books

Polyrhythms for Pianists (2020)

Double Trouble (duets) (2019)

A Mostly Minor Christmas (2019)

These Are Odd Times (2018)

Tricks & Treats (2018)

Lullabies for Arachnophobes (2017)

Once Upon a Time (2016)

Whimsy and Wonder (2015)

        Single piano pieces   

Incantation No. 1 in Raag Todi for solo piano and tabla (2023)

Proxima Centauri; a quarter-note triplet etude (2022) 

Regular Irregularity inspired by studying Carnatic rhythm (2021)

Khanda Etude inspired by studying Carnatic rhythm (2021) 

Floating (2021) 

Tarantella (2021)

Awakening (2020) written for dancer, Krystal Nicole

Undeserving (2020)

Isolation (2020)

The Exquisite Melancholy of Everything Left Unuttered (2020)

Impermanence (2019)

Wistful Waltz (2016)

        Works for keyboard/Lumatone in just intonation:

Ghost Echoes for Lumatone in 11-limit just intonation (2023)

Disappearing for Lumatone in 7-limit just intonation (2023)

Nowhere for Lumatone in 7-limit just intonation (2023)

The Listening Forest 5-limit just intonation (2022)

Extraterrestrial Blues 13-limit just intonation (2021) 

Grey Skies 11-limit just intonation (2021)

Gathering Power 7-limit just intonation (2021)

Summoning a Storm 3-limit just intonation (2021)

Exuberance 7-limit just intonation (2021)

        Film Score

Missing, a collaboration with Claudia Six (2021)

        Chamber Works

For All We've Destroyed String Quartet (2023) written for Bergamot Quartet

Only the Dirge Awakens the Dance (2022) String Quartet written for Del Sol Quartet

Buried Alive for String Trio and Narrator (2022) commissioned and performed by The Playground Ensemble

Context Collapse String Quartet written for the Odin Quartet (2021)

String Quartet No. 1: Subtracting Impossibilities (2021) written for Del Sol Quartet

Crossroads for erhu/violin, B-flat clarinet, English horn, cello, and piano (2020)

Controlled Burn based on a poem by Amy Wray Irish, for improvised voice, cello, and piano (2020)

The Summer of 1982; A Rape Culture Tango for mezzo-soprano, baritone, cello, and piano (2019) commissioned and performed by Fear No Music

        Voice and Piano

 Jabberwocky, for mezzo-soprano and piano, a collaboration with Rachel Teixeira (2019)

 Annabel Lee, for mezzo-soprano and piano, a collaboration with Rachel Teixeira (2020)

        Trumpet and Piano

 Isolation, for piano and improvised trumpet, a collaboration with Joshua Trinidad (2020)


Untangle My Feet for solo viola (2023)