Only the Dirge Awakens the Dance - Del Sol Quartet

Was honored to be able to work with the wonderful San Francisco-based
 Del Sol Quartet again last year on my third string quartet,
 Only the Dirge Awakens the Dance. The piece features asymmetrical
rhythms and a little bit of 7-limit just intonation.
 The title is from a poem by my friend and sometimes collaborator,
 Wayne A. Gilbert. 


Poems are never good news until they are cried over
The imagery lingers like nightmares daylight cannot smudge
Only the dirge awakens the dance
Cannot consume fiery pain
The words turn black on the sheet
Their warnings fade blue on blue
And the reader can inhale deeply
Unsmothering the wild winds

An alternate, longer title for this is
 Only the Dirge Awakens the Dance:
Baby, Are You Ready to Party? 😁