The Lovelorn Lobster with Rachael Teixeira and Whimsically Macabre

So excited to post this collaboration with the fabulous Rachael Teixeira! Find out more about Rachael here:

The Lovelorn Lobster is a song from 1897 with lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert. I wrote original music to his poignant lyrics about love between a lobster and a piscatorial maiden going terribly awry. A timeless, classic song for Valentine’s Day, or any occasion. 

Composed by Stacy Fahrion, and performed by Rachael Teixeira, vocals, and Stacy Fahrion, piano.

Beautiful Dreamer- Whimsically Macabre version

This piece starts out mostly normal, staying close to Stephen Foster's piece, but then something goes awry and it ends up in the parallel minor.

Jabberwocky - Rachel Teixeira & Whimsically Macabre!

 I am incredibly excited to share this, and honored that Rachael agreed to sing this piece. I can’t say enough about what a fantastic musician Rachael is; she blew me away with her wonderful interpretation. Written by Stacy Fahrion/Whimsically Macabre (ASCAP). Performed by Rachael Teixeira and Stacy Fahrion. Awesome background vocals added by Rachael Teixeira. Find out more about Rachael here: